Dedicated to the post - YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS music of STUART MOXHAM.

Stuart has formed a songwriting collaboration/live duo with uber guitarist Derek Halliday.

They have released their moving and varied acoustic/vocal harmony songs on a debut album:

"A Known About Thing"

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The 2nd Stuart Moxham album with Louis Philippe, "The Devil Laughs" is waiting in the wings...and here's a sample:

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Ridding the world of distortion since 1975....

 An interview about life, YMG, M&H, TREE, me, you and Barney McGrew:


Stuart Moxham, who originally came to the public’s attention with the austere pop of Young Marble Giants has recently released the THIRD record on his own hABIT label. 

The first, a sampler of things to come called "Personal Best", covers all areas of his output over the last 30 years - including his solo albums, unreleased rarities and new material. Read one of many glowing reviews here:

The 2nda mini-album, "Six Winter Mornings", FEATURES ALL NEW MATERIAL and was recorded in his own studio, and performed exclusively on real instruments, by real people, eschewing all sampling and other computerized tomfoolery. 

It features contributions from his father Terence Moxham, daughter Melody Moxham, brother and long-time stalwart Andrew Moxham, studio wizard, guitarist and co-writer Ken Brake and new sidekicks Charlie Rose, and Johnny Bull.

 "Magic song-snapshots from (the)..... Young Marble Giant. 
Stuart Moxham has steadily released albums over the years ... this must be one of his best. 

Six Winter Mornings is made up of reflective, folk-flecked miniatures, any one of which is easily as melodic
as the best of his YMG songs - 
a collection that makes a major impact on the heart and mind. 

A quiet, but brilliant album that never overstates its case." 

(David Quantick, UNCUT Magazine, July 2011)

Stuart's 3rd production is actually his second album as The G!st...

...and it comes as an unforseen bonus, the material being garnered from many an overlooked DAT tape during the archaeological digging undertaken to find tracks for "Personal Best." 

Called "Retread Your Head" it covers the period 1980 - 1985 in a range of recording technologies which, together with period drum machines and keyboards, in themselves evoke that era. Please click on the link at the bottom right of this page for MORE!

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