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This, the first download - only album on hABIT Records, is also the second album by 
The G!st, coming a mere 30 years after the pioneering "Embrace The Herd." 


As a child I discovered the joy of rooting among the pebbles under a local pleasure pier when the tide was out.

Far below the oblivious day trippers, feeding their faces and the arcade machines on the decking above, I gambled against the tide to find a long lost penny or thruppence and, once, half a crown - a whole weeks' pocket money then. 

Now I have rediscovered that simple pleasure whilst digging around in the flight cases which contain my tape collection.

Anything I lose is usually obscured by my nose and indeed there were things that I had simply forgotten existed; some of which have now found their way onto this album. 

This is what the album looks like in the Mastering studio.....

"Retread Your Head" as it appeared on the 'puter during Mastering. Gorgeous, non?
(Fear not, fellow technophobes, I operated under a strict philosophy of not adding anything to this archive material, except for the bass on "Life Is War" - 'cause it desperately needed it - and a tambourine on "The Landmark" because I could.)


1 Return To Work (Demo)
2 Being True
3 The Loving Cup (Demo)
4 The Landmark
5 No One Road
6 Life Is War
7 Yeah x 3 (Demo)
8 New Hat
9 Immaculate Mistake
10 Stereo Nightingale


It was all a very long time ago, dear children, when Mr Moxham, a cripplingly self - effacing songwriter from Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, decided that he would convert an empty room at the top of his house into a makeshift recording studio. Up went an old drum kit, under a tent of (possibly even older) sheets, in came the much - used 4 track TEAC Portastudio cassette machine.
ts of leads, microphones and instruments followed.

You see, Mr Moxham was a troubled artist and he had hit upon the idea of keeping himself occupied by making "definitive" recordings of all the songs he had at the time. He spent many, many enjoyable hours realising this dream, helped by
his youngest brother Andrew and a friend of Andrew's called Antony Silvestros, in that Victorian terraced house on the formerly rather lovely little Adamsdown Square, (with its' old school where his mother had once been a pupil - you can see it in the background of the picture above. It was demolished in 1985.) 

The days, weeks and months rolled by, filled with music and the occasional reek of cigars, among other things.

In fact recording became a habit; Mr Moxham had soon Mastered all his then current songs and began to record his new ones definitively, rather than just sketching them down to be done "properly" at some vague point in the future. This habit has continued right up until today and it means that Mr Moxham has lots and lots of Master tapes which he can release, chronologically, as compilation albums.

All throughout this time Mr Moxham was working under the name of "The G!st" and so, when he rediscovered a whole pile of tapes from 1980 to 1985, he made them into an album called "Retread Your Head" (which is a silly name that comes from a line in one of the songs on the record - see if you can spot which one!)
The G!st live somewhere, somewhen; L-R Spike Williams, Stuart Moxham, Phil Moxham. 

And did you know that another fine assemblage of stoner noodlings is in preparation? "Musical Headstone" will be a great big surprise for lots of people; it picks up the story of our existential hero in the famous 1990s, which you may have heard about in History.

By then Mr Moxham had moved to the Home Counties of England, become married and had three young children.
They all lived in a red brick house on a hill in a pleasant place called Rickmansworth where Mr Moxham now had a proper, separate studio in a room made of bricks in the garden - can you imagine such a thing - how peculiar! 

The studio; in a 1950's former council house coalhouse.

Here he continued his solitary habits, producing ever more and even stranger recordings, often written entirely on tape as he went along! Things were getting out of hand, children, and it was only a matter of time before he had to put on smart clothes and go into town to do a "normal" job. (But he still wrote poems and song lyrics, when he should have been ringing people up at teatime to ask them boring questions about their cars, until one day the boss said, "You are too much of a free spirit, Mr Moxham, you'll have to leave!" But that's a story for another day - perhaps when you've been naughty.)

Meanwhile here are some more sleeve notes:


The glorious stomp of "Return To Work" features a wondrous vocal from Alison Statton
Not strictly a demo, but the original version, it subsequently featured, in 1992, on the Stuart Moxham and the Original Artists album "Cars In The Grass" in a completely different arrangement by Spike, Phil and Andrew, and with keyboards by Louis Philippe. 


The first of two tracks here which were made live in the home studio (the front room of a house on Adamsdown Square, Roath, Cardiff) by The G!st when it was a gigging trio. With Andrew Moxham on drums and Antony Silvestros on bass. Antony is a great Stratocaster manipulator but he gave it up, temporarily, to enable us to function as a trio by taking up bass. Hero.


Later found in a very different version 1993 on the Stuart Moxham album "Random Rules" but this is the original.


The earliest song here, it was recorded at the same session as the Young Marble Giants' "Testcard E.P." at Foel studio in June 1980,  it surfaced on a cassette:

The track never was released: of the five The G!st numbers, only three ("This Is Love/Yanks" which was the first G!st 7" and "Greener Grass" which came out on the first Rough Trade compilation cassette "C81") saw some action. The fifth song, "Good Consumers" started life as a poem and is best left that way.....
.......(see the "Away With Words" pages on this website.)


Another "live" selection by the trio which played around Cardiff during 1984-5.


Funky workouts were an education in combining tightness and feel. (Matron.)

In the interests of authenticity I resisted re-recording the vocal in order to change a line from: 

"Everybody's getting by/Come hell or bad weather " to: "Everybody's got to try/Come hell or bad weather "


Again, called "demo" to distinguish this version from the later one; this time on the Stuart Moxham and the Original Artists album "Signal Path ." The lead guitar playing was inspired by the incredible James "Blood" Ulmer


Written during the dark days which produced "Embrace The Herd" in Nottingham, 1981. This version was made in Adamsdown Square, Roath, Cardiff in '84.


I'm sorry, I know it's trying, but I can't help loving this - and it's cheaper than taking drugs! (Although drugs might help with the listening experience..) A heavily edited - down piece of Nottingham - era experimentation with the wonderful Roland 501 Space Echo machine.


This bird sang throughout the night, from a spot on top a telegraph pole in the garden, outside my bedroom in Adamsdown Square. It was recorded in the early hours, as evidenced by the sound of the milkman driving through.
I'm hoping Top 40 at least.....

Those pesky lyrics in full:

Return To Work

I'm so lonely without you
But I don't want to go back to 
All those things we used to do
Why must loving you 
Always make me blue?

Is it just a condition
No reprieve, no remission,
Or can I really try
And achieve my ambition?

Being True

I want to do something good for you
I want to see your smile
There must be times
When you are blue
I want to show you my style

Of loving you
And being true

This is the start of something new
Waiting for love was right
How could I doubt
In finding you?
They were just ships in the night

Of loving you
And being true

Why do we have to live apart
Mindless of joy and fun?
Fate is asleep
Let's make a start
Surely the time has come

For loving you
And being true

The Loving Cup

I'm all alone in a wilderness which I made myself
Don't have a soul to call my own and I can't seem to rest
But I want you to know I'll do my best
To win your sweet loving girl I'll take any test

You came along and you are young and you are beautiful
And you turned back my mind
To days before this train took me away from love
And I sat and pined

You are the one to break my heart
And you can't ask for much more fun than to take part

In an affair between two people in a wilderness
Where can it lead?
There's only one road going up 
And it comes straight back here
And I want to leave

With you I will try and I'll succeed
Because you are everything that I believe

I must belong I must be strong
I must learn how to get along
Forget the damage done and try to like my little song
Be the man I know I am and work to keep it up
With you to make it all worthwhile
I'll fill the loving cup

The Landmark

I am like a man in flight
Guided by stars into your sight

And you are like a landmark 
Standing proud of land into the night

As i approach you run to find
The things the others left behind

No One Road

 I like wanting you
Then I'm going through
What I want to do
Sometimes blue is cool

You say, for you,
There is no "same boat"
And for you there is no one road

Well sometimes I've been
So deep inside of you
It makes me wonder, girl,
Are we really two?

So put aside your cares and love me
I'm on no one road
Like you

And though I don't know what to do
And I find myself with you
Maybe I'm a fool
But so are you

Life Is War

All the people in the world are living together
Everybody getting by come hell or bad weather
Make it happen if you want - just know what you want
Do nobody any harm - may you never want
Furthermore if life is war and peace is a test
Do your homework on the flaw and give it your best

Yeah x 3

Well I know you and you know me
It's been a long time, don't you see?
We can't just throw away the thing 
That brought us here and made us sing

This is a testing kind of time
Love's not so vital now, we find.

We get on fine - and that's enough
We know we have each other's trust
So don't go mad and run around
In search of what you know you've found

The answer's much to near to see
Step back and look again at me

And you will find we have a tune
Made up of notes that make us swoon
We're sick with love and ill with fun
The only cure is just to run
Just to run

Don't let up now, it's just begun to work
Let's stay apart until we find it hurts
We're sated and our souls begin to rot
It's easy to forget how much we've got

But that's no reason to resign
We're well aware of our decline

And we have made a break to find again
The people we surrendered way back then
To find ourselves anew because we care
About our life together
Yeah yeah yeah

New Hat

Around when I was younger
And I just didn't know
I thought that
Once upon a time
I wore a brand new hat

People sang along
And tried to dance to it
But then landed in a niche
That didn't seem to fit

Say: retread your head

And now I'm still so green
But longer in the sleeve
I think that hats are just fickle
And keep away the breeze

Retread your head

Stereo Nightingale
"Tweet, tweet, tweet"
Er..that's it!


All songs, instruments, singing and Production by S. Moxham (Copyright Control 2012) 

With contributions from:

Andrew Moxham
Drums on 2 & 5
Antony Silvestros
Bass on 2 & 5
Alison Statton
Vocal on 1