You can hear the paint drying...very clearly a dedicated space designed as a small commercial studio as well as a facility for me to record various projects of my own. It consists of two wedge shaped rooms, separated by a purpose built wall with a large double glazed window; the control room (pictured) and the live room, each approx 3.5m x 2.5m. So drummers will be tolerated!

It has an analogue 24 channel mixer and a digital 24 track hard disk multitrack recorder. This means that I offer a hands - on, relatively old school, approach with NO COMPUTERS in sight. 

Actually, almost everything that you may have seen on a screen is here in hard physical form (alright Jenkins, quiet at the back) - including digital editing.

Sam of FLOWERS at the recent inaugural session

I provide my engineering services inclusive in the price, bringing my unique 30 plus years' recording experience, and yer actual post-punk aesthetic to the proceedings. Damn straight!

Ya gots to learn to listen......early development of the engine ears.

The hardware on hand includes: Fostex recorders, Tannoy monitors, Behringer desks, mics by SE, AKG, Sony and Studio Spares, Drawmer compression/gating, a variety of reverbs and delays, an Eavestaff pianette, Roland MIDI keyboard, (ooh, modern!) various percussion instruments and even a gorgeous old drumkit. 
C'mon, you know you want's an Eavestaff! (Note space at left of keyboard for cup of tea, etc.)

Excellent local B&B is also available, along with very reasonable car hire. 

There are hourly trains to and from London Waterloo and Exeter to nearby Tisbury.

The facilities of the town of Shaftesbury are at hand including everything from delicatessen to supermarket and several pubs, including a central one with food all day; cafes, walks with spectacular views and free, or cheap parking.

Marshall Section Studio

The rate for recording is £200 per day. Please contact via e mail in the first instance:

Marshall Section Studio: 2, Salisbury Road, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8BT.